Linus Svensson (SE)
Inhale - Exhale 
12-14/8 2016

The work “Inhale - Exhale”, which is here shown for the first – and the last time, Linus Svensson works with the concept of clouds. Negatives of clouds have been placed on blank newspaper and exposed to the sun for several months, while the paper slowly turns yeallow a picture of a solitary cloud is developed. This exhibition is the starting point of the reversal of that process, as the negatives are removed the clouds start to disappear as the the paper is once again exposed to sunlight.

Svenssons artistic process involves investigating the working method itself, and through material like graphite, paper, paint and time, he aims at visualizing that moment when giving and taking, showing and hiding, meet up and dissolve. This
time consuming process gives room to contemplate and examine the interdependence between the remembered and the once forgotten.

Linus Svensson has a Master of fine Art from the Art Academy in Umeå. He lives and works in Malmö and is part of the artist run Galleri CC. 2014 he had his first solo exhibition abroad in Oslo at the Boiler Room Gallery. He is represented with a public installation at Lindängeskolan, in Malmö. He has shown in group shows at Bildmuseet in Umeå, Malmö Konsthall and Botkyrka Konsthall amongst others.