Johan F. Karlsson (SE)
Ariadne Mangrané (ES)
LealVeileby (PT/SE)
Sofia Zwahlen (SE)
2 - 25/19 2020

Curator: Maja Gade Christensen (DK), Bahareh Mirhadi (IR), Arngrímur Borgþórsson (IS) and Anders S. Solberg (NO).

*For your safety and ours, Galleri CC would like to remind guests to observe social distancing, to wash your hands and to please stay home if you feel ill in the slightest*


Galleri CC proudly presents Transformers.
Transformers delves into the changes of matter, movement and objects; The changing of form and meaning. Objects, both man-made and natural become a translation of surroundings and vice-versa. Ariadna Mangrané incorporates a shapeless sculpture to a series of paintings, slowly transforming the image of the object as time passes. The fleeting images in the video work of artist duo LealVeileby have a sense of both the familiar and fantastic as Instagram videos scroll past, one by one. Johan F. Karlsson touches on the subject of impermanence in his work, incorporating man-made materials into a stone, millions of years old. Sofia Zwahlen plays on the archival nature of our experiences and exploration of nature and natural phenomenons.

Galleri CC is run by artists for artists. With our yearly Open Call we want to open up our space to artists working in Skåne. For Transformers, we have chosen four artists whose work we feel form a cohesive whole.

Ariadna Mangrané (b. Spain 1986) sees the exhibition space as a subjective container that modulates and nurtures the content in a symbiotic manner. This way, her approach sometimes becomes very site-specific or even site-dominant. Her work plays around the notion of reality and its representation. She holds a Master Degree from the Umeå Art Academy and has regularly participated in both group and solo exhibitions around Europe.

The artist duo LealVeileby consisting of António Leal (1976, Lisboa - Portugal) and Jesper Veileby (1985, Karlstad - Sweden) live and work in Malmö. Informed by Antónios background within pharmaceutical sciences, they investigate how human beings perceive the world through their interdisciplinary practice where the fields of science, magic and language collide. Often infusing playfulness and humor into their works. Both hold an MFA from Malmö Art Academy where António was tutored by Gertrud Sandqvist and Jesper by João Penalva.

Johan F. Karlsson (b.1984 Örebro Sweden) Johan’s artistic practice aims towards an itinerant thinking that expresses the balance between predetermination and openness to the perception of situations and surroundings, furthermore a friction between the tame measurable and the fluctuating. In 2019 he received a Master of Arts in Photography from Aalto University, School of Arts, Design and Architecture, Helsinki.

Sofia Zwahlen (b. 1992 in Sigtuna) often uses natural or man-made  phenomenon as a starting point for her work in which she investigates her own relationship to nature.  With references to science, philosophy and alternative belief systems, the concept and composition develops simultaneously with the work of the hand. Discarded objects, natural materials and  technology are brought together in sculptural, installation based and site specific works. In 2019 she got her BA from The Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm. She lives and works in Malmö.