Marte Edvarda Tidslevold (NO)
Tim Bishop
Making Room

Performance Exhibition


Guest curator Gabriel Bohm Calles (SE)

Opening: Friday 2nd of February 6.00-9.00 pm
Live performance:
Marte Edvarda Tidslevold and Tim Bishop.
The performance starts at 6.00 pm and will be ongoing through out the evening.

Boris Nieslony (DE)
Making Room

Performance Exhibition


Guest curator Gabriel Bohm Calles (SE)

Opening: Thursday 15th February 6.00-9.00 pm
Live performance: Thursday 15th February 6.00-9.00 pm
Live performance: Friday 16th February 6.00-9.00 pm

MAKING ROOM: Making a room, creating space or a room for creating.

Galleri CC is pleased to announce MAKING ROOM - Performance Exhibition, two exhibitions curated by Gabriel Bohm Calles.

In MAKING ROOM - Performance Exhibition three international performance artists will create their own rooms in Gallery CC. The works will be performed during the openings and the remaining time, documentation and the traces of the pieces will constitute the exhibition.

Friday February 2, Marte Edvarda Tidslevold (NO), will perform her work 'Tell me your dreams and I will make them come true' while Tim Bishop (UK) performs his work 'Imagined Scenario'. The artwork will last throughout the night, so it's fine to just drop in.

Marte creates personal meetings between people. She works with performance / installations where textiles and tactility often play a prominent role. Tim works with performance / installation and film and is interested in how people connect to each other. The grand opening is 6.00 pm to 9.00 pm and the exhibition will be up until February 11th.

Next up is Boris Nieslony (DE), one of the founders of the legendary performance collective Black Market International. Boris will perform two pieces in the gallery, one on thursday February 15th at 6.00 pm and a second piece the day after, on friday February 16th at 6.00 pm. Boris has since the 1960s been part of the art world with his poetic political works. He has inspired generations of artists with his visual poetry that can be traced back to the Fluxus-movement.

Be on time for these events to be sure to get a space and to not miss the work. The openings will be between 6.00 pm and 9.00 pm and the following exhibition will continue until February 25th.