Mesh - A Nordic video art marathon
11/5 - 3/6 2018

Galleri CC proudly presents a Nordic video art marathon:

multisystemic reinforcements
a network made of the intertwined
a barrier of connected strands, organized to
-sift/screen out/filtrate/keep

“Mesh” showcases a slice of contemporary video from the Nordic countries and their diasporas. The twenty-three works of more than twenty artists form a cohesive whole, elusive but nevertheless connected. A diverse range of topics are all part of the interwoven whole, together forming a network spanning various sub-genres within the audiovisual field.

The exhibition consists of three rooms with multiple screens. Participating artists:

Viltė Bražiūnaitė/Tomas Sinkevičius
Solveig Settemsdal/Kathy Hinde
Océane Bruel/Dylan Ray Arnold
Michael Wurtz Overbeck
Anna-Karin Rasmusson
Eli Maria Lundgaard
Anders S. Solberg
Eva Rocco Kenell
Marius Mathisrud
Dylan Ray Arnold
Freja Andersson
August Bällgren
Erik Thörnqvist
Florence Wild
Ananda Serné
Anna Knappe
Tina Willgren
Loui Kuhlau
Lasse Brink
Maria Mäki
Mari Kretz
My Lindh
Tom Nej

The opening will be held 11th of May 18.00-21.00.

Still image from Florence Wild's "Cast Movements: Leitmotif"

"Mesh" is supported by Malmö Stad