Underlying Resonance


10/5-2/6 2019

Curator: Emm Berring, Madelaine Sillfors och Sofia Wickman

Opening: Friday May 10th 6-9 pm

Galleri CC presents Nordic Open Call – out of 78 applications we have chosen four artistic practices. With Nordic Open Call it is our ambition to give an insight in the contemporary art scene by focusing on artist based in our neighbouring countries.

Underlying Resonance looks into phenomena invisible to the naked eye, but which remains always in our midst. Through movement and action an inner monologue becomes external. What was always present and unseen is elevated to a reality we can't evade. Deviations in predictable human behaviour and appearance are transformed into figurative compositions which illustrate the collision of inner conflicts. Birds teeming in an emergent air dance reminds us of our own vulnerability in a time without coexistence. The exhibition weaves together four different artistic practices. They intertwine and interact, creating a new context, sharing an underlying resonance.

Aleksander Johan Andreassen, b. 1982 is a Norwegian visual artist and filmmaker living in Oslo, Norway. He mainly works with film and video installations where, through different methods, he explores perspectives on normality and belongingness.

Olia Gorohova, b 1984, is an Oslo based artist from Belarus. She works sculpturally, emerging from the traditional craft of figurative porcelain. Gorohova took her master at The Oslo Art Academy 2013.

Jakob Oredsson, b. 1985, from Helsingborg, now based in Oslo and Berlin. Jakob is an artist, architect and scenographer working at the intersection of these practices. He did an MA in Architecture at Det Kongelige Danske Kunstakademi. Oredsson works as an assistant professor in scenography in Norway.

Elin Maria Johansson, b. 1979, originally from Västernorrland now works in Skåne primarily with spatial installations. She studied at The Royal Academy in Stockholm.