Charlotte Johannesson (SE)
Richard Krantz (SE)   
Yaloo (KR)

Amor Spiritus Computatoris
8/10 - 7/11 2021

Curator: Arngrímur Borgþórsson (IS/SE) och Sofia Wickman (SE)

Galleri CC proudly presents the group exhibition Amor Spiritus Computatoris with Charlotte JohannessonRichard Krantz and Yaloo.

Yaloo, Charlotte Johannesson and Richard Krantz artistic practices are varied, and they approach their subject in different ways. Yaloo’s textures, organic and synthetic, trick the senses, Richard’s cerebral approach to creating physical objects from things and concepts that only previously existed in the digital and theoretical realms and Charlotte’s no-nonsense, bare-bones approach, using the building blocks of all digital images, the pixel.

These all harken back to the counterculture of the 1990’s, the idea of “Cyberia”, the spiritual realm (as defined by Douglas Rushkoff), which the rave-kids, shamans and techno-philosophers of the time claimed could be reached by telling stories, dancing, entering a trance, doing hallucinogenic drugs or, simply, sitting in front of a computer.

While the notion of Cyberia, with its wildly optimistic vision of the future hasn’t turned out as the kids of the 90’s predicted (or hoped), and as the concepts, hopes, lingo and hedonistic practices of the era have grown stale, some aspects linger and many remain relevant. Just where lie the boundaries between the physical and digital realms? Is the digital realm a spiritual one? How does one enter it?

A Nocco on the sofa while zipping through a smartphone may have replaced chugging smart drinks at a bleep-rave in a dingy warehouse, but the idea of a non-physical space is central to both.

This is what binds these three artists together. Their approach varies wildly, separated by generations, time and geographical location, but they all work with one foot in the “other” realm; the digital one. We are proud to bring these three trailblazers together.

Charlotte Johannesson (b. 1943, Malmö, SE), lives and works in Skanör.
Johannesson was trained in traditional weaving and has worked with lace, textiles and fiber art, to name a few. In the 1960s, she founded Ateljé Cannabis, a weaving ateljé located in the residential area Lugnet in Malmö, at the time before the area was demolished. In 1979, a trading was proposed, an acquaintance who had just been to the United States and purchased an APPLE II wanted to exchange it for Johannesson's tapestry I'm no Angel, and so it was. Shortly afterwards in 1981 and as the only woman, Johannesson visited the world's first computer fair, WESCON in San Francisco. Over time, Johannesson began combining her tapestry work with digital art by making use of the similarities between the loom and the computer programs of the time. Since computers at the time lacked the programs to create graphics, Johannesson developed and learned to program on her own. Charlotte Johannesson is one of the first Swedish artists to experiment with digital technology and computer graphics and is considered a pioneer in combining craftsmanship and digital images. In 2017 Johannesson's Computer Graphics Original and tapestry were exhibited at Malmö Konsthall, and represented in the Nordic Pavilion, 57th Venice Biennale 2017. In 2021, she had her first retrospective exhibition at the Museu Reina Sofia in Madrid. The exhibition Llévame a otro mundo (Take me to another world), which ran from April 7 to August 17, was one of the first solo exhibitions by a Swedish artist at the museum. For Amor Spiritus Computatoris at Galleri CC, Johannesson shows, among other things, a series of facsimiles of the Computer Graphics Originals.

Richard Krantz (b. 1989, Götene (SE), lives and work in Malmö.
Krantz holds a BFA in Fine Art from Glasgow School of Art and completed his MFA at Konstfack in 2017. His artistic practice often revolves around ideas concering humour (with no narrative), paradoxes (in a pataphysical sense) and language (with focus on communication). The works often takes the form sculpture, different printed works, video, drawing and happenings. He also uses industriel production methods. The last year Krantz has been working exclusive with what he calls wood carvings, a form of relief works originating from digital sketches. Krantz's art has been exhibited at among other places Centre for Contemporary Art Glasgow, Ronneby Konsthall, Eldhunden / SKF, Gnesta Konsthall Sculpture Park Art in the Green Box, Galleri Toll, Platform Stockholm, HangMen Projects and Embassy Gallery in Edinburgh.
Since 2020 he also runs his own sticker publishing project Klistermärkesklubben.

Yaloo (b. 1987, Incheon, KR) lives and work in Seoul and Chicago.
Yaloo is a south Korean born visual artist working with digital media. She received a BFA & MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (USA) focusing on Film, Video, New Media and Animation. She was the first recipient of Lyn Blumenthal Memorial Fellowship from Video Data Bank. She received a Gold Award from AHL Foundation, NY. She is also a recent grant recipient from Korea Arts Council and Incheon Foundation of Art and Culture, South Korea. She is a full fellowship recipient of Asia Cultural Center (South Korea), Headlands Art Center (USA), Fukuoka Asian Art Museum (Japan), La Bande Video (Quebec), Western Front Society (Canada), Bemis Studio Art Center (USA), and Vermont Studio Art Center (USA). Her works have been part of a number of solo/group shows and festivals in the cities such as Chicago, Portland, New York, Quebec City, Malmö, Dresden, Fukuoka, Vancouver, and Seoul.

Sofia & Arngrímur,
Galleri CC.