Camilla Lundquist (SE)
Filip Vest
Niklas Wallenborg
Without, within
12/11-12/12 2021

Opening: 12 November 18-21
Performance: 19 November 19:00

Curator: Arngrímur Borgþórsson (IS/SE), Bahareh Mirhadi (IR/SE) and Ina Nian (SE)

Galleri CC proudly presents the group exhibition Without, within with Camilla Lundquist, Filip Vest, Kaisa Luukkonen and Niklas Wallenborg. Brought together under (without, or within...) the exhibition title, the artworks exhibited designate loss and inclusion, rigid borders and porous membranes, with a call for remembrance and change: “Come all without, come all within” (Bob Dylan). In a dual and ritualistic hesitation (hence the comma), we evoke a without within feelings of wonder, anger, empathy and hope, to imagine a within without a body, a future, a past.

Without, within inquire about the more-than-human sensorium: relational connections, affective forces and the agential capacities of organic and inorganic matter; movement of bodies and information, feelings, memories and thoughts about the past and the future. A phone call from the 60’s paging mid 90’s Internet ghosts, revealed as fake news through a talking wall, pondered upon in an hour-long meditation: “We were talking about the space between us all. And the people who hide themselves behind a wall of illusion” (The Beatles, “Within You Without You”).

Camilla Lundquist
Born.1991, Sweden, based in Helsingborg, Sweden/ Vienna, Austria.
I am interested in our relationship with that which is intangible. The unique dialogue between ourselves and that which is absent. My work often takes the shape of syncretistic rituals or has an aritual-like process to it. My paintings, installations and performances are all repetitive and time-consuming. When I work on them I enter a ritual, a personal ritual that is therapeutic in its limitations. A recurring material in my work is lacquer as I find comfort in its qualities. The adding and erasing process of lacquer adequately reflects my repetitive search for memories and connections.

Filip Vest
Born. 1995, Denmark, based in Copenhagen, Denmark
Through performances, installations, films and texts, he examines queer love, loneliness and desire in the 21st century. His works deal with how objects are turned into humans, and how humans are turned into objects – and how the spaces we live in affect us. The characters are always a kind of hybrids, somewhere between abstract and concrete, talking and dumb, between animate and inanimate. Through mobile phones, walls and windows, they communicate and miscommunicate across species and time in a vast network of small and large things affecting each other.

Kaisa Luukkonen
Born. 1974, Finland, based in Gothenburg, Sweden.
Kaisa’s artistic practice is driven by her interest in the interconnectedness of the future and feelings and how we can use anger as a tool to engage with the world.
The series, Instruments of Uprising, is her inquiry into anger where the objects she creates have been used in moments of anger worldwide. Through curiosity and care, Kaisa invites the audience to experience how our feelings can be used as a power, and at that moment see the wonders of possible futures, even in moments of conflict.

Niklas Wallenborg
Born 1979, Sweden
Niklas is a Visual artist that takes an interest in the gap between human and technological tension. He constructs and deconstructs the narrative as well with how content is transformed. The dialogue between human emotions and the virtual space often presents as narrated fragments where he copies, samples and translates his work with the world wide web as the material.

Galleri CC presenterar stolt grupputställningen Without, within med Camilla Lundquist, Filip Vest, Kaisa Luukkonen och Niklas Wallenborg. Sammanförda under (utan, eller inom...) utställningens titel, betecknar de utställda konstverken förlust och inkludering, rigida gränser och porösa membran, med en uppmaning till hågkomst och förändring: “Come all without, come all within” (Bob Dylan). I en dubbel och ritualistisk tvekan (därav kommatecknet), framkallar vi ett utan innanför känslor av förundran, ilska, empati och hopp, för att föreställa oss ett inre utan en kropp, en framtid, ett förflutet.

Without, within undersöker det mer-än-mänskliga sensoriet: relationella kopplingar, affektiva krafter och organisk och icke-organisk materias agens; rörelse av kroppar och information, känslor, minnen och tankar om det förflutna och framtiden. Ett telefonsamtal från 60-talet till 90-talets internet spökens personsökare, avslöjade som falska nyheter genom en talande vägg, begrundade under en timmes lång meditation: “We were talking about the space between us all. And the people who hide themselves behind a wall of illusion” (The Beatles, “Within You Without You”).

Filip Vest
My cherry lips have often kissed thy stones

𝐍𝐢𝐤𝐥𝐚𝐬 𝐖𝐚𝐥𝐥𝐞𝐧𝐛𝐨𝐫𝐠