Curated by Arngrímur Borgþórsson

Opening: Friday 1st of November 18.00-21.00
I have a question for you guys. Now we’ve got Limp Bizkit and Metallica coming up next, but you guys wanna hear a couple more songs? Alright. I promise you this tho – we’re gonna make these nice and heavy for you guys in the pit. If someby falls down in the pit, you pick them up, okay? Get them out of the way and you guys can have some fun. I wanna see the biggest pit I have ever seen. That way we’ve got it on camera and everything. This whole section right now. If you don’t wanna be in the pit, you’d better get out. You’d better tell the dude with the camera that he’s right in the middle of the pit, cause this thing’s gonna be 50 feet long.

All of you – if you don’t wanna be in the pit, get out right now.

You ready?

You ready?

Faint is a collection of works comprising of blankets, pillows, text and video. The works together weave a story of obsession, depression and desperation becoming personified in a video game character called Margo.

Reija Meriläinen is an artist based in Helsinki working with moving image, sculpture and installations that combine the digital and physical. In their work, social tensions and power are linked to physical and material sensations. Meriläinen’s work has previously been shown in several exhibitions in Finland and abroad including ARS17 in Kiasma museum of contemporary art and States of Play: Roleplay Reality in FACT Liverpool.