Bahareh Mirhadi (IRN/SE)
Unfinished Stories
21-23/1 2022

Opening: 21January 18.00-21.00/6-9 pm
Opening hours: Saturday-Sunday 13.00-17.00/1-5 pm

Bahareh Mirhadi, Unfinished Stories

The unfinished, the fragment, the draft, unfinished business, play-pause-repeat, “something came up”, punctuation, one man's loss...

Elongated pause - what distinguishes a finished work from an unfinished? Multiple fields, blackpoints, fragments tied together with delicate ink lines, pomegranate and onion, salt and pepper.

The exhibition Unfinished Stories gather what could be described as developed works. The approach is archival, where motifs from the artist's "immediate surroundings" are replenished with an immediate NOW, in inklines, and weaved songlines: grandmother's voice, fish, moon-like lantern.

Bahareh Mirhadi's works bring together family memories, exclusions, natural history, material agency, social interaction, patience and tolerance, and ways in which people are controlled and control themselves. This exhibition provides an intimate view into the artist’s developing processes, where the unfinished appears as a phone doodle performed during the call about “all that came up”.