Galleri CC x HilbertRaum
3-12/3 2017

The exhibition “Switch” explores placement and how it affects artworks by changing the context in which they appear. Each artist contributes one work which has been exhibited at their solo-exhibition at Galleri CC in Malmö (SE). This means that all the works have a shared history, they’ve been shown, seen and, in some cases, been created for the same space, though they have never occupied the space at the same time. Now at HilbertRaum in Berlin, 468 kilometres away from Malmö, they share both time and space, for the first time.

Benjamin Andersson (SE) build scenarios in which the evident and the hidden is forced to coexist. Arngrímur Borgþórsson (IS) focuses on the complex systems of interactions between humans and technology. Maja Gade Christensen (DK) work systematic with patterns emergence and with decay. Andreas Knag-Danielsen (NO) deals with the interrelation between the human body and technology. Madelaine Sillfors (SE) investigates the sense of scale and understanding of the spatial and the haptic. Linus Svensson (SE) works with the process of investigating time and the working method itself. Sofia Wickman (SE) deals with people and places, memory and time and the contradictory nature of mankind.

Benjamin Andersson (SE), Arngrímur Borgþórsson (IS), Maja Gade Christensen (DK), Andreas Knag-Danielsen (NO), Madelaine Sillfors (SE), Linus Svensson (SE) and Sofia Wickman (SE) are members of the gallery committee that run Galleri CC. The gallery is a non-commercial, artist-run gallery located in Malmö, Sweden. The group running the gallery take on the roles of curators, embody and partake in exhibition concepts in collaborations with artists invited by the gallery. The exhibition “Switch” will be their premier of coming together and work, not as curators but as artists. The exhibition will consist of artworks which will both clash and share a common thread.

Galleri CC was founded in 2003 and is located in the residential neighbourhood of East Sorgenfri, Malmö. Since its inception the gallery has hosted more than one hundred exhibitions, performances and events with artists from all over the world.

Galleri CC has participated in Supermarket Art Fair in Stockholm, Art Swap Europe in Berlin, and Alt_Cph Art Fair in Copenhagen and collaborated with Galleria Rajatila Tampere (FI), WIZARD Gallery in Oslo (NO) and the OK Corral in Copenhagen (DK).

Reuterstr. 31
12047 Berlin

Fridays 18:00-22:00
Saturdays + Sundays 14:00-19:00

Andreas Knag-Danielsen
Body maps (Mother) (2016)
Pen on translucent latex, metal, magnet
169 x 44 x 20 cm 

Madelaine Sillfors
Sift 2
Wood, textile, string

Benjamin Andersson
Left: Plate (2014)
Right: Cover (2014)
Oil on canvas
40 x 40 cm

Sofia Wickman
Mindre bra stunder dom bästa i mitt liv / Less good times the best in my life (2016)
Photo book

Sofia Wickman
For all the wrong reasons (2016)
Audio photo installation - analogue photography trippel exposed, print on plastic film, light tubes with coloured film, speakers. Audio (pitched down): Larry Dean “I’m Gettin’ Known (For All The Wrong Reasons)”
112 x 174 cm

Maja Gade Christensen
Exponential Square (2016) “Exponetional Square” is a series of woodcuts consisting of eleven prints. The number of squares multiply from one print to the next, starting with no squares on the first print and one square on the second print to five hundred and twelve squares on the last print.

Linus Svensson
Diary (2013-2014)
Graphite on paper
27 x 18,5 cm
5 pieces

Arngrímur Borgþórsson
Checkpoint Hyllie (2016)
Book, mirrors, metal supports
30 x 30 x 30 cm

In "Checkpoint Hyllie" Arngrímur Borgþórsson explores the newly erected Swedish border which sprung up about him one day in november of 2015. Train platforms sprouted fences, turnkeys in yellow vests started asking to see things in his wallet and his fellow travelers suddenly begun to be escorted off trains. Armed with his Icelandic moped-license, a book and an iphone, Arngrímur traverses the outer defences of the Swedish kingdom (which also happen to be a gargantuan shopping mall) again and again.

Andreas Knag-Danielsen
Body maps (Sister) (2016)
Pen on translucent latex, metal, magnet
166 x 48 x 20 cm

Photo: Raffaele Piano