Madelaine Sillfors (SE)
Sila / Sift
20-22/1 2017

Att sila något - silens metaforiska och faktiska funktion. Sila, sina tankar, åsikter.
Engelskans ord för sil - "sift" kan vara att sikta på något. 
Att rikta något. Att rikta sig.
Sin konst.

Madelaine Sillfors (b. 1982 Kiruna, Sweden) graduated from The Academy of Fine Arts in Umeå 2014. Beginning in language and politics she investigates the scope of our activities, the freedom to act, and to create. She works through drawing and sculpture investigating her sense of scale and understanding of the spatial and the haptic. She received the Bror Hjort Fellowship Drawing stipend (2011), Anna-Lisa Thomson memorial stipend (2014) and the Fredrika Bremer Fellowship stipend (2013). Selected Exhibitions: Uppsala Art Museum, Bildmuseet (Umeå), Bror Hjorts Hus (Uppsala), Galleri Maskinen (Umeå), Kiruna Stadshus, Nortälje Konsthall, ZK/U (Berlin). She had residencies at the Bauhaus Stiftung in Dessau, Germany, and in Majdal Shams, Occupied Golan Hights. She is part of the group of artists running Galleri CC.

"WINTER SHOWS!" is a series of exhibitions for the month of January 2017 presenting members of Galleri CC's gallery committee.