Maja Gade Christensen (DK)
From Dark to Bright Matter
19-21/8 20

An exhibiton about materiality, perception and movement between bright and dark.

Light and the absence of light are immaterial presences. Eyesight relies on the presence of light. Likewise darkness, partial or complete, is also the absence of eyesight. This is a link between light/darkness and perception, and how we interpret our surroundings.
In “From Dark to Bright Matter” Maja Gade Christensen explores processes about appearance and disappearance. The movements of things which are on the verge of appearing and disappearing. This floating, variable process is explored in woodcuts, photos and an installation.

Maja Gade Christensen graduated from The Jutland Academy of Fine Arts in 2009. She works with various materials, concrete and minimalistic where patterns emergence and with decay as a pivotal point. She has exhibited at several galleries, festivals and museums in Denmark, most recently at the “Fossil- og Moler Museet” on the island of Mors. Outside of Denmark she has exhibited and taken part in events in the USA, Sweden, Iceland and Bulgaria. “From Dark to Bright Matter” is Maja Gade Christensen’s first solo exhibiton in Sweden.

Salty Fade (2016) is a photo series which consists of nine photos. The photographs document the progress of salt crystals covering cotton wool treads and measure 40cm x 50cm each.

Exponential Square (2016) is a series of woodcuts consisting of eleven prints measuring 70cm x 100cm. The number of squares multiply from one print to the next, starting with one square on the first print and five hundred and twelve squares on the last print.