Sara Willemoes Thomsen (DK)
5-28/5 2017

Curated by Maja Gade Christensen

Galleri CC is pleased to announce ”Tunnelpassage”, an exhibition of new works by
Sara Willemoes Thomsen.

Real places and unrecognisable surfaces snapping towards and into each other. Mutual influence - until the alternates between them are dependent on each other. Revocable residences from the corners are being formed. Floating and flooding, flow. Tribulations of the concrete, tunnel passages arise as a type of sorting. Sludge tubes that lead into the fjord. Placement. Purpose. Strategic placement. Dregs blend with the ocean. Insignificant amounts. Ocean. Deciphering is a disadvantage; the interplay, the occurring carries the new horizon. The horizon far and near. Framed focus points in the horizon. A chosen non-performance of the firm. Two rooms contain sculpture, object and image. One room contains video.

Sara Willemoes Thomsen (b. 1985, Holbæk, Denmark) lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark. She is educated from Jutland Art Academy in 2012. ”Tunnelpassage” is her first solo show in Malmö.

Sculpture and objects
Wood, iron, paint, stone, paper, pen, pencil and dried grass
5 m x 1,60 m x 1,35 m

Composition of eleven collages
Wood, paint, glass and paper.
4,57 m x 4 m x 48 cm
Each collage: 45 x 33 cm

Duration: 10 min 24 sec

Photo: Raffaele Piano