Sofia Wickman (SE)
A Way of Thinking About Something
(or how to escape the gray weather in Malmö)

28-30/1 2022

Opening Friday January 28th 6-9pm

Opening hours:
Saturday 12-4 pm
Sunday 10am-2pm

In the exhibition A Way of Thinking About Something (or how to escape the gray weather in Malmö) Sofia Wickman continues to explore her love and fascination of combining photography and fluorescent light tubes and translating them into sculpture or installation.

Wickman’s work often communicates notions of memories, longing and contradiction. Like a memory of something or someone near but out of reach. For this exhibition Wickman has worked with the idea of an intermediate position; an altered stance, a feeling of being absent and present at the same time searching for that place between places.

Sofia Wickman (b. 1978, Malmö, Sweden) is an artist, curator and producer. She obtained a BA in Audio Visual Media at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in 2012. In her artistic practice Wickman works with photography as her main media combined with light and installations. Her work often refers to human relationships, the concept of belonging and the relationship between memory and time, places and people.

Alongside independent  work Wickman has been a curator and member of Galleri CC in Malmö since 2015. In her curatorial practice she takes a great interest in spatial and sculptural work with cross disciplinary tendencies. Since 2017 Wickman has also been the producer of the Touring Company of Dansstationen.

You are welcome to visit us and to view the exhibition during opening hours, though only four visitors are permitted enter at a time. Please remember to keep distance from each other, wash your hands, follow all current safety recommendations and to stay home if you are feeling the slightest onset of illness*

She must have had her head in the clouds
Smoke and light installation:
Wet room armature, Aqua LED G13 2x18W, green colour foil, clear photographic film and Antari - Z-1200 MK2 smoke machine, standard smoke liquid.
43 x 157,5 cm

Light tubes armatures, light tubes, clear photographic film, cable.
42 x 62 cm

The place between places #1

Analogue photograph printed on opal plexiglass, frame; opal plexigalss,
led list and cable.
25 x 37 cm

The place bewteen places #2
Photo C-print
50 x 70 cm