Tumi Magnússon (IS)
Early and Late 
2–24/5 2015

Curated by Knaggi

Galleri CC are proud to present the icelandic artist Tumi Magnússon and his exhibition “Early and late”. This will be the last exhibition for spring 2015 in the new space of Galleri CC. Come celebrate the spring and our new space!

Tumi Magnússon works with images and sound of everyday objects which he sees as being elastic and flexible. This enables him to investigate possible changes in our images of everyday life. He uses photographs, which have taken the form of photo-murals, where the depicted object is transformed to merge with parts of the gallery space. He makes video and audio installations based on similar research, but dealing more directly with movement and time. His works are often site specific.

«Early and Late» is a video-audio installation by Tumi Magnússon made specially for Galleri CC’s new space. He uses everyday rhythmic events to build up an environment of image and sound stretching through all four rooms of the exhibition space. Five synchronized videos, each with its own sound track are projected on the walls. At irregular intervals a change occurs in the overall sound of the installation when the event in one of the projections is replaced by another.

Synchronizing the beat of the different recorded events means either slowing them down or speeding them up, depending on the pace of their original tempo.

The resulting synchronized rhythm is close to the pace of a slow heartbeat.

Born in Reykjavík in 1957, Tumi studied in the late seventies and early eighties at The Icelandic College of Art and Crafts and at AKI Enschede, Holland. He has exhibited extensively in Iceland and internationally since 1979. He currently lives in Copenhagen, Denmark. www.tumimagnusson.com

Review in Sydsvenskan: http://www.sydsvenskan.se/kultur--nojen/konst--form/konstrecensioner/dagens-enkla-rytm/